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Prifiant Capital helps businesses revise and optimize their capital

structure to achieve the shareholders objectives.



Alain Beaudoin


Prifiant Capital

Since 1995, Alain has represented several financial institutions and worked with both small and large businesses, both private and publicly held across multiple sectors including the service, retail, distribution, manufacturing, entertainment, education, communication, food, transport and construction sectors. Alain has been involved in numerous types of financing including inventory financing, traditional financing, factoring, asset based financing, subordinate financing, structured financing, syndicated financing, cash flow based financing and equipment financing totaling in excess of four billion dollars.

Alain was recognized as one of the best yearly performers on four occasions for three different financial institutions, clearly demonstrating his ability to obtain results within different business cultures. More recently, Alain participated in the creation of a new Montreal based short term interim financing fund helping businesses with pressing cash flow needs.

Alain is a strong social contributor and volunteer. Since 2012, Alain has been involved with young athletes at his local soccer club as a coach, as a member of the club's board of directors, as Treasurer and as club President since 2019. As president, Alain has reshaped the club to better meet need of the 1,300 young athletes by reviewing the processes, the financial priorities and ensuring that the budget of over $800,000 is respected, and that the 5 full-time employees and more than 45 part-time employees understood their role in the club’s mandate and deliver a better overall soccer playing experience.

Alain obtained a bachelor's degree in business administration concentration in accounting, a bachelor's degree in business administration concentration in finance and a certificate in economics from Bishop's University in 1994. A student-athlete throughout his studies, Alain was part of the Bishop's University Gaiters football team as a receiver and was named to the conference all-star team in 1992.

He and his wife are happy and proud parents of three athletic young girls.


Our core values have been acquired over many years in business and have been proven in many situations. These values form an integral part of any decision and subsequent action taken.

A firm adherence to a code of especially moral values; incorruptibility.
At Prifiant Capital, we make the right decisions and do the right things even when no one is looking.

Being characterized by perfect accessibility and openness of information especially concerning business practices.
At Prifiant Capital, we work with our clients in an open, effective and efficient manner to deliver timely results.

A focus on ensuring fairness according to natural law or natural right.
At Prifiant Capital, we value compensation in line with the quality of the work performed.


Choosing Prifiant Capital is leveraging our extensive experience in financing required by businesses and our executional flexibility for the implementation of the defined strategies at an affordable cost for small and medium-sized companies.

The word PRIFIANT means "growth" in the Welsh language (Wales, United Kingdom). Business growth is essential to the financial survival and the achievement of entrepreneurs' long term goals. The personal growth of an individual is also essential to a life filled with accomplishment and sustained satisfaction.

The flag of Wales is the red dragon on a green and white background.
The motto of Wales is:
Y Ddraig Goch Ddyry Cychwyn (the Red Dragon inspires action).

No matter the strategic plans, advice, planning, brainstorming, no results can be achieved without ACTION!
At Prifiant Capital, we prioritize action in any plan or strategy as it is the cornerstone of achieving results.

PRIFIANT also represents the acronym of the following additional values: 
Professionalism, Respect, Imagination, Flexibility, Innovation, Action, Neutrality and Teamwork (P R I F I A N T).

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